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Open House NL : Newfoundland’s own Real(i)ty Television Show!


Should we or shouldn't we?


About a year ago myself and Mark were approached by a local production company and asked to be part of a new St. John's based reality television show about the local real estate industry.

At NormanLane our entire business model is very different from your typical Real Estate Team and in retrospect, we really weren't quite sure what to think about the proposal in the beginning. Nothing like it had ever even been attempted before. Upon that realization, it was that moment we decided we had to be involved.

Television, because of it's high barrier to entry has really been an untapped media source as far as the local real estate industry is concerned, but with the housing boom over the last decade, the curiosity and interest surrounding our local real estate market brought the potential for a large local audience.

The more we thought about it, the more we envisioned TV (and video) becoming the focus of our marketing efforts  (Earlier this summer we also shot and produced two TV commercials currently running on NTV... who new we'd like TV so much!)

Open House NL - a 6 Newfoundland Reality TV series 

The show, aptly named: Open House NL was shot over a period of several weeks in the Fall of 2014. The experience of shooting a television show was exciting, stressful, and very eye-opening. Seeing and hearing yourself on camera is always a little uncomfortable. You get to see yourself from angles you're not used to seeing.

For example:  I now know my hair is thinning out a little faster than I originally thought it was. *sigh*

However, I was very fortunate to be joined by three other excellent Realtors who were a pleasure to work with. Also, the crew and production team for the show were consummate professionals and experts at what they do. Upon seeing some of the final footage I believe they did a great job painting a realistic picture of a typical week in the life of a busy Realtor on the North East Avalon.  I think the viewers will find it as entertaining as it is educational.

So, after almost a year of editing and post production, the final product will soon be polished and ready for the airwaves. Starting Sunday, Septmber 13th at 4:30pm on NTV and will run at same time for six consecutive weeks.  We will be having a kickoff party at Uptown (The Home of Yuk-Yuks) starting at 3:30pm to celebrate all of the hard work that went into the producing of the program. If you're in the area, feel free to join us for some finger foods and a cocktail as we watch the premiere on their big screen!

Looks like Mayor Dennis O'Keefe will also be checking out the show....

..and if you're even a bit curious about the St. John's real estate scene, you should too.

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